The Emmy!

Go to to see  the best in broadcast news.

The 2015 Broadcast Emmy Awards were announced last night and I’m honored to share that a segment I photographed for PBS NewsHour won an Emmy for “Best Investigative Story in a Regularly Scheduled Broadcast.” This story was particularly difficult to do an unfolded in the Philippines as I continued work on a long-term project on […]

Mountainsmith Updates

My buddy Adam Zukor rocks the Parallax, now slightly updated.

  When I travel on assignment these days, it’s almost always off the beaten path. The camera bags I choose to protect my equipment must meet certain requirements to insure my time in the field is efficient and without mishap. Basic protection is fundamental. My camera bags must cradle gear from the unavoidable bumps and […]

PBS NewsHour


PBS NewsHour did a really nice job with my child labor piece from Burkina Faso in West Africa. The eight-minute segment aired July 10 and is now up on the Pulitzer Center site. I’m hoping to continue working on this project and have developed some additional story themes that need telling. It’s staggering how pervasive […]

Imaging Resource Interview


Dan Havlik with Imaging Resource  did a nice Q&A about the child labor project. The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting who has funded part of this project posted the segment. See the interview here: Check out Imaging Resource here:    

Awesome Wide Angle

The Olympus Zukio 12mm f2.0 wide angle. undeniably the new Olympus 12mm f2.0 for the Pen and OM-D series of micro four thirds cameras. This is a stunning, heavy-duty piece of metal (no plastic!) that can take the abuse of a day of street photography and keep on ticking. Most importantly, it’s tack sharp wide open. Autofocus is virtually silent […]

About Backgrounds


Every six weeks or so I’m invited by Olympus America to moderate a Facebook critique for their fan page, GetOlympus.  The user base for Olympus gear, especially among photographers in the fine-art world, is growing steadily.  Inventing the Micro-4/3 standard and being on the cutting edge of design and aesthetics doesn’t hurt, but Olympus glass […]

Ready to roll


Keeping the camera with you…part 2. Well, here’s a perfect example.  While returning to my office after lunch, I glanced to the right while stopped at a traffic light.  Heavy smoke was pouring from a roof a mere 100 yards away.  At about the same time I heard the scanner call so I knew I […]

Two views


I never tire of photographing the Gateway Riverfront Arch in St. Louis.  What an amazing structure it is.   These are a few experiments with the “Grain” art filter on my Olympus Pen and the 9-18mm zoom.  I used a Joby Gorillapod to steady the camera.  The lens was pointing directly into the sun so […]


Flag and antique rocking horse. Dayton, Ohio.

Keeping the camera with you, part 1. The camera is always there…a silent friend, sitting on the seat, riding shotgun, ready to help me see.  If I’ve learned anything during my years as a photographer it’s this certainty: Many great photographs aren’t planned. Life’s fleeting moments are there for the taking but you need to […]

Giving back

Mt. Desert Island, Maine.

A while back, I realized a lot of my time was consumed by following the exploits, adventures and advice of many of my photojournalist friends. This got me thinking that perhaps it was time to give back a little.  I’ve been lucky to have learned a lot in the years since my first job as […]

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Children at work in the Philippines.

I’m excited to be working with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting in Washington, D.C. to produce a project on child labor in the Philippines. The Pulitzer Center is among a handful of prestigious journalism organizations that are funding coverage of important international stories that might otherwise go unreported. Their mission is to fund stories […]

Starbucks Gallery Show Up

10 X 14.5 inches signed by the artist.  Available without frame or custom framed to museum standards.

I had a great time early this morning–really, really early–hanging a selection of my work at the Starbucks Gallery, 2424 Far Hills Avenue in Oakwood, Ohio. This is my local Starbucks and I can’t possibly estimate the gallons of coffee I’ve consumed there while working away on various projects. The crew is terrific and the […]

Mountainsmith Bags


  Ask a dozen photographers about their favorite camera bag and you’re sure to get a dozen different opinions. Photographers are a notoriously particular bunch when it comes to carting around their precious photo gear. Not only do they need to get their equipment from point A to point B, which depending on the mission, […]

Kodak Remembered

My Brownie from 1963

I still have my first camera, an Eastman Kodak Brownie that my grandmother gave to me when I was 9.  She’d won it in a filling station give-away when dealers fought each other to sell $.27-a-gallon gasoline.  The Brownie sits on a shelf outside my office alongside two other much older cameras, a Kodak Jr. […]